The internet should be connected but decentralized.

We've abdicated the potential of the internet.

We live in a world of data silos. A world where people have very little control over their siloed data. A world where extracting data from silos is a chore. A world where data scientists spend 70% of their job just extracting and cleaning data for their silos when their time could be spent in more important places. A world where many teams within even the same company face challenges with sharing data between silos. A world where AI is limited by the restriction of silos.

Data interoperability is core to the Semantic Web, but at the moment, linked data is just as siloed as other forms of data.

Yet, these problems aren't endemic to the internet.

They're solvable.

That is O's mission.


O is working to achieve global data interoperability. The first step is building a concensus around schemas via